A team of 30 economists, historians and other experts worked on this report.
Poland has said that it will demand an amount equal to 1300 billion US dollars from Germany.
Poland to buy $5.8 billion tanks, howitzers and ammunition Can compromise with Korea.

New Delhi. Poland will ask Germany for an amount equal to 1300 billion US dollars for the Nazi attack and occupation during World War II. Poland’s top politician said on Thursday that the government would seek compensation from Germany for the Nazis’ World War II invasion and occupation of the country. The ruling party’s main leader, Jarosaw Kaczyski, said it was Poland’s “obligation” to do so. Poland’s right-wing government argues that the country which was the first victim of the war has not been fully compensated by neighboring Germany, which is now one of its major partners within the European Union. A team of around 30 economists, historians and other experts have worked on the report since 2017. The issue has created bilateral tension.

In Germany, Dietmar Nietan, the government official for German-Polish cooperation, said in a statement that September 1 is “a day of guilt and shame for Germany. Which reminds us time and again not to forget the crimes committed by Germany.” It is also said to be “the darkest chapter in our history” and still affect bilateral relations. Let us inform that German troops under the leadership of Adolf Hitler invaded Poland on 1 September 1939, which started the Second World War. In response to the German invasion, Great Britain and France declared war on Germany. On the 80th anniversary of the start of World War II, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier delivered a speech in Warsaw in 2019, demanding Poland’s “pardon for Germany’s historical crime”.

At the same time, Poland may sign an agreement with South Korea on Friday to buy $ 5.8 billion tanks, howitzers and ammunition. It is taking this step as a way of enhancing its defense capabilities in the wake of Russia’s war in Ukraine. Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Maurice Blaszak and South Korean Defense Procurement Program Administration chief Iom Dong-hwan are expected to sign agreements at a military base in Poland’s northern city of Morag.

Poland, like other European countries and the US, has sent military equipment to Ukraine for the six-month-long war. Under the agreement with South Korea, Poland is going to buy 180 K2 Black Panther tanks manufactured by Hyundai Rotem for $3.4 billion and 212 K9 Thunder howitzers manufactured by Hanhwa Defense, worth about $2.4 billion. Some of these weapons are expected to be received by this year and all other weapons by 2025.

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