A Saudi court has sentenced a woman to 45 years in prison
The human rights body has said that what the woman posted is not clear.
Recently another woman was also sentenced to a similar sentence.

Riyadh. A woman in Saudi Arabia will have to pay such a huge price for posting on social media, she would never have imagined it. In fact, a court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced that woman to 45 years in prison for causing harm to the country on social media. This is the second such case in Saudi Arabia within a month. Even before this, a woman has been heard of the same age.

According to Fox News, Nora bint Saeed al-Khatani will spend almost half a century in prison on charges of destabilizing the social fabric and disrupting the harmony of society. Nora belongs to the country’s largest tribal community and has no history of being an activist. Nora is accused of using social media in the court. Human rights organizations have condemned this decision of the court. Saudi officials did not provide details when asked by human rights organizations. Nora has been sentenced under anti-terrorism and cybercrime laws. The judge found the woman guilty of violating a public order through the information network.

Washington-based human rights organization Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN) said it was not clear what Nora posted online. The place of his hearing is also not known. “This marks the beginning of a new wave of convictions and convictions by new judges who are being appointed to the special criminal court,” said Abdullah Alodh, the organization’s research director, adding that the woman had just posted on social media. expressed his view. Earlier, a 34-year-old woman was also heard at the age of 45 for posting on social media.

Alison McManus, the group’s research director, said it was hard to ignore the fact that this punishment is being carried out as Prince Salman’s legitimacy in the international community continues to grow. According to the Washington Post, the sentence being sentenced for the post on social media is being seen as an end to Prince Mohammed’s opponents. However, the radical Islamic country has recently given some new rights to women, under which women can now drive there.

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