A 70-year-old woman who lost her life could be a ‘zero patient’
Three out of 9 people have lost their lives, four are in critical condition
Patients’ symptoms include vomiting, high fever, diarrhea and body aches.

Buenos Aires. Argentine health officials said on Thursday that a third person had died of pneumonia of unknown origin in the country this week. Tucumán Health Minister Luis Medina Ruiz told AFP that nine people in northwestern Tucumán province were suffering from a mysterious respiratory illness, including eight medical workers from a private clinic. Earlier two health workers had died and now one patient has also died in the clinic. Officials are conducting tests on the nature of the disease, but the health minister said the fears of Covid-19, flu, influenza- A and B, Legionella virus, and Hanta virus have already been ruled out by doctors.

Samples have been sent to the Malbran Institute in Buenos Aires for testing to detect this mystery disease. The patient who lost his life due to the disease was a 70-year-old woman, who was admitted to the clinic for surgery. The Health Minister said that the woman can also be ‘Patient Zero’, doctors are investigating it. Let us tell you that the first six patients of this disease that surfaced in Argentina started showing symptoms between August 18 and 23.

What are the symptoms of the disease
Patients’ symptoms include vomiting, high fever, diarrhea and body aches. Four of the six people undergoing treatment are in critical condition, while two are in hospital and two are in home isolation. After the outbreak of the disease, all other staff of the clinic are being monitored. Currently, experts are analyzing water and air conditioners for possible contamination or poisoning.

The provincial health ministry said on Wednesday that the outbreak could have come from an infectious agent, but investigators were also looking for poisoning or environmental causes. Infectious disease specialist Mario Rai said on Thursday that at present, no case has been reported from outside this clinic.

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