Gorilla Glass is the best way to protect mobile.
By applying it, not only does the phone remain safe, but there are no scratches on the screen.
Many variants have now come in Gorilla Glass, which was launched in 2008.

New Delhi. It is said that the accident happened with caution.. It is often seen with mobile, notebook or any electronics device. When the mobile falls and breaks as soon as it is released from the hand. In such a situation, it has to be given to take. Not only does the screen break, as well as the mobile also suffers. Many times this accident happens with new mobile also and mobile of few days or hours starts looking months old. The name of the remedy to avoid this accident is Gorilla Glass.

Fewer expenses, more savings: Let us tell you why Gorilla Glass is the best and how you can keep your mobile safe despite the accident by spending 100-200 rupees.

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What is the name of Gorilla Glass?
First of all, understand what is Gorilla Glass thing, which saves you from big expenses. That is, what is its specialty. Actually, it is made from seats of alkali-alumina silicate. It is used as a protector on the screen of electric devices such as mobiles, TVs, notebooks. The biggest thing is that its use does not affect the screen touch technology. It is also easily available in the market at normal mobile shops.

What is special about Gorilla Glass?
Now let’s talk about its benefits. The biggest advantage is that you get rid of the trouble of changing the phone again and again due to bad screen. If it is made very thin and according to the design of the mobile, then it does not even look ugly. By applying it, the screen of your electric device does not get scratched, so its beauty remains.

Why is it necessary to have Gorilla Glass installed?
Apart from this, the most important thing is that your mobile gets heated while talking often. Gorilla Glass has high heat tolerance, so you can talk on the phone or use your electronic device for a long time without stopping.

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What is the type of Gorilla Glass
Gorilla Glass launched its first variant in 2008. In view of its demand, it has continuously improved. A total of 7 variants have arrived since 2008. The 7th variant i.e. Gorilla Glass Victus has been launched in July this year.

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