They give people the bluff of government schemes and criminals who are buying SIM from them on Aadhaar.
The shopkeeper activates two or three more SIMs on your basis and sells it to criminals.
According to the rules of TRAI, a maximum of 9 SIMs can be issued on an individual basis.

New Delhi. The more convenience the mobile has given to the life of the common man, it has also increased the risk of danger. Imagine, what if the SIM in your name gets caught in the hands of a notorious criminal and it starts being used in serious crimes.

This is not only a speculation but it is also a reality. Jharkhand Police has busted a similar case, where SIM cards are being issued in the name of innocent villagers and they are being handed over to criminals. Actually, criminals often resort to fake SIMs to escape from the police and commit crimes. But, you have thought that whose fake sim is actually. It is issued to the criminals by issuing it in the name of another person.

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How does fraud happen?
According to the Jharkhand Police, people who commit fraud about mobile SIM go to villages and bluff people of government schemes and buy SIM from them by taking Aadhaar details. Then this sim is sold to criminals by taking money. Another way is that when you go to the shop or store to buy a SIM, the shopkeeper activates one SIM on your basis and gives it to you, while activating two more SIMs and selling it to criminals or fraudsters.

What are the precautions to be taken while buying sim
Whatever document you give to the shopkeeper or store operator for the new SIM, write the purpose below it and sign it. For example, if that document is being used to buy a SIM, make your sign by writing like this. This will not allow the document to be used for another purpose.
Always buy the SIM card unpacked and avoid buying a pre-activated SIM. Make sure to verify your SIM with customer care.
Make sure to make your sign crossing on the photo in the document, so that no one else can use it.

What does TRAI’s rule say?
According to the rules of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), a maximum of 9 SIMs can be issued on an individual basis.
The SIM issued without verification will be closed immediately.
If more than 9 SIMs are issued on one basis, then outgoing calls will be stopped in 30 days and incoming calls in 45 days, while SIM will be completely deactivated in 60 days.

How to check how many sims are in your name
First of all go to the official site of DOT tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in.
Enter your mobile number on the home screen and click on OTP request.
Enter the OTP received on the mobile and click on Validated.
After this, the numbers of all the SIMs taken from your Aadhar card will be visible on the screen.

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