Video streaming platform Netflix is ​​going to launch ad-supported plans.
Netflix can make its cheap plans live from November.
These plans will first be launched in countries including the US, UK, Canada, France and Germany.

New Delhi. Netflix is ​​ready to launch its ad supported plans. Netflix can launch its ad-supported plan on November 1. The cost of ad supported plans will be less than the existing plans. According to a report, the new plans are expected to be launched in many countries. These plans will reportedly be launched first in countries including the US, UK, Canada, France and Germany.

According to a CNET report, the company said in a statement that it is still considering how to launch low-cost ad supported plans and the company has not yet taken any decision regarding this. Earlier, Netflix had earlier confirmed that its new ad supported plans could go live before the end of the year. Although this has not been directly confirmed by Netflix yet. According to a Bloomberg report, these plans are expected to be rolled out to more countries in 2023.

The plan will be introduced in the US market
It is worth noting that Disney + is going to launch the ad-supported tier in the US on December 8, in view of which Netflix has also decided to bring cheaper plans soon. According to the information, the price of the new plan in the US market can be between $ 7 to $ 9 (Rs 560 to Rs 720). At the same time, if this plan is launched in India, then its price will be less than all the existing plans.

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drop in the number of users
In April this year, Netflix recorded a decline in its subscriber count for the first time in a decade. After this, the company’s co-CEO Reed Hastings had revealed that the company is considering a more affordable and ad supported plan. This was a big change for the streaming service that had been ad-free for years.

Password sharing will be banned
Apart from the new affordable plan, Netflix aims to start charging users for password sharing as well. Password-sharing is where one Netflix user can share their ID with multiple other users. This Netflix is ​​an affordable way for many people to access Netflix.

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