Google can present the ‘Made by Google’ launch event Pixel Watch on 6 October.
Ahead of the launch, the alleged design and price of the smartwatch have been leaked online.
According to the information, Pixel Watch will be available for sale from November 7.

New Delhi. Tech giant Google is all set to host the ‘Made by Google’ launch event on 6 October. Google can launch Pixel 7 phone in the event. According to the information, the company can also offer Pixel Watch with the phone. However, a few days before the launch, the alleged design and price of the WiFi version of the upcoming smartwatch has leaked online.

The alleged color options of both the models have also been revealed in the report. The only WiFi variant of the Google Pixel Watch will be offered in Black/Obsidian, Gold/Hedge and Silver/Chalk color options, while the Cellular model will come in Black/Obsidian, Silver/Charcoal and Gold/Hazel color variants.

According to a report by 9to5Google, the Wi-Fi model of Google Pixel Watch will start at $349.99 (approximately Rs 28,000). At the same time, its cellular variant is being priced at $ 399 (about Rs 31,900). According to the information, Pixel Watch will be available for sale from November 7.

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Possible specifications of the watch
Google Pixel Watch will run on the latest version of Google Wear OS. Also, the smartwatch will have a circular dial. There will be bezels around its display. The wearable will have curved glass protection. Google’s upcoming smartwatch will support features like Google Wallet, Google Maps and Google Assistant. Apart from this, many health features will also be available in the smartwatch. These include heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking. This device is compatible with Find My Device app.

Marketing company in Japan
Meanwhile, Google has launched a bizarre marketing campaign in Japan. The company is selling potato chips to select customers to promote its upcoming Pixel 7 series. According to a Twitter post, the tech giant is offering potato chips in four flavours. The company is offering Snow Cheese in White Packaging, Hazel Onion in Dark Sage Packaging, Salty Lemon in Yellow Packaging, and Obsidian Paper Flavors in Black Packaging. According to the reports, these colors and the names of the chips are similar to the colors of the Pixel 7 phone.

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