Bhiwani: Bhiwani’s boxer daughters have made a splash in the Commonwealth Games (CWG 2022). Boxer Jeshmin Lamboria has brought laurels to the country by winning a bronze medal in the 57-60 kg weight category. The family members are a little disappointed on missing out on gold, but for the first time they are also happy on such a big victory for their daughter.

Bhiwani’s boxer daughters Neetu Ghanghas in the 45-48 kg weight category and Jashmin Lamboria in the 57-60 kg weight category are representing India in the Commonwealth Games. Both had semi-final matches on Saturday, in which Neetu won but Jeshmeen had to face defeat. However, reaching the semi-finals, Jeshmin has definitely put a bronze medal in the country’s bag. Jeshmeen’s family members are a little disappointed at missing out on the gold of their beloved, but they are also very happy to play in the Commonwealth for the first time and bring a medal.

Jeshmin’s mother Joginder Kaur told that she had hoped that her daughter would bring gold, but had to be content with bronze. He said that Jeshmeen reached the Commonwealth at a young age and in a short time and took a medal for the country, it is also very happy. Mother says that now Jeshmeen will be warmly welcomed when she comes to Bhiwani and will feed her churma of country ghee.

On the other hand, Jeshmin’s father Jaibir Lamboria and Jeshmin’s coach and uncle Sandeep told that their daughter has won the bronze medal by performing better. He said that there is a slight disappointment of not bringing gold, but in the game of 6 years, the world number two bronze medal in sports is no less. He said that Jeshmeen will learn from the mistakes and one day she will definitely bring a medal in the Olympics.

It is said that the wishes of man are never fulfilled, but the daughters of Bhiwani are increasing the pride of the country by making a great performance in the Commonwealth Games, making the whole world proud of their punches, in which the names of Jeshmeen and Neetu Ghanghas have also been included.

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