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Agra. Science has made great progress in the field of medicine. There is hardly any disease that cannot be cured. Provided that the disease is treated in time. At present, diseases related to the feet are fast catching the elderly as well as children, including children’s feet being bent since childhood, knee problems, soles of the feet are not straight and deformity since childhood. The treatment of these diseases is very expensive. In such a situation, for those people whose financial condition is not good and they are not able to get expensive treatment, Dr. Varshney has come as a ray of hope. This camp can prove to be helpful for those people.

This camp is being organized by the Agra Rotary Club and Center for Trauma and Joint Replacement Hospital under the leadership of Orthopedist Dr. Atul Varshney from September 6 to 9 at the Center for Trauma and Joint Replacement Hospital located at St. The first 25 children and the elderly will get free treatment. During this, the hospital will bear the cost of surgery to medicine.

Team of 10 doctors from USA will treat
The special thing about this camp, which will be held till September 6, is that a team of 10 doctors from USA is coming to Agra in this camp, which will first treat 25 children and elderly people free of cost. Every year, Dr Ankit Varshney calls a team of foreign doctors to his hospital and, in collaboration with the charity, conducts free operations for all such children, who are financially weak. This camp was closed for 2 years in Kovid-19, but now they have again called the team of doctors from USA in collaboration with Rotary Club. Doctor Ankit Varshney has organized 3 such camps so far, in which foreign doctors had participated and so far 120 children have been given treatment in OPD of such camps. Apart from this, 28 such children have been operated on who were not able to walk. After the operation, 80 to 90% of these children are now cured.

Where to register?
The registration process has been started for the free camp to be held from 6th to 9th September. Initially, first 25 people will be treated free of cost. If the patient needs an operation, then there will be no charge for that too. To take advantage of this camp, first you have to register. You can get the registration done by visiting the Center for Trauma and Joint Replacement Hospital. Apart from this, you can also register by calling 8755 053 777. Keep in mind that to take advantage of this camp, first come first serve scheme is applicable.

  Center for trauma and joint replacement- Dr.  Ankit Varshneya Joint Replacement Consultant Agra

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