New Delhi: The whole world has rightly suffered the injury of Corona Pandemic. No country in the whole world has remained untouched by it. Millions of people have lost their lives due to corona infection and even after almost two years have passed, its infection remains. Scientists around the world are still doing research for this end. Meanwhile, health experts have said a big thing about the corona vaccine. Experts say that the Kovid-19 epidemic is never going to end and now scientists are working on the next generation of vaccines.

According to Dr. NK Arora, Chairperson of the National Technical Advisory Group on Kovid-19 Vaccination, the concept of the next generation vaccine of Kovid is that in this we do not have to give repeated doses. The second biggest reason for the next generation vaccine is that if we give the vaccine, it will protect against the virus so far and at the same time it will also protect against future viruses for a long time.

New generation vaccines will protect against new variants of Corona
He has given the most attention right now that the next generation of corona vaccines should have the ability to avoid new variants of Kovid in the future. He told that some people are going beyond this and making strain specific vaccines. Some are preparing to mix two types of viruses together or to mix four types of viruses together so that virus infection can be avoided.

may take a few months
Dr. Arora said that it may take some time for the next generation of Kovid vaccines. He said that Indian pharma companies and health experts have accepted this challenge and information will be available about it in the coming time.

He said that I always said that India pays attention to foreshadowing first. We are also taking full precautions to prepare such vaccines. Instead of comparing global efforts for this, India has accepted this challenge more. In the next few months, we will get information about the next generation of Kovid vaccines.

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