Assam CM targets Kejriwal
Told the initiatives of the Assam government by tweeting
More than 2 lakh teachers in 44,521 government schools

Guwahati. Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Saturday re-tagged Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Twitter to highlight his government’s initiatives in the education sector, especially for those in the tea gardens. listed. Sharing a video clip, Sharma said, ‘We like to work quietly unless forced!’ β€œIn this academic year, we have set up 100 secondary schools for the children of tea garden workers, work on 100 more is in progress,” he said. The tea gardens are located in remote parts of Assam.

The video claims that Assam has a robust school education system, with over two lakh teachers teaching over 65 lakh students in 44,521 government schools. It said that a total of 1.18 lakh mid-day meal workers have also been hired by the state government. The video said that while 100 secondary schools have been opened for the children of tea garden workers in this academic session, another 100 schools and 10 colleges are in the project preparation stage.

War of words on Twitter between the two Chief Ministers

It said at the end, ‘We like to deliver quality quietly!’ A war of words has been going on between the two Chief Ministers on Twitter for a long time and both are asking each other to visit their state and see the development work done. Tagging Kejriwal, Sharma shared his government’s achievements in the healthcare sector on Friday. The controversy started when the Delhi Chief Minister, in response to a news report about the Assam government merging schools due to poor results, said closing schools was not a solution.

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