Chamba. Manimahesh Yatra in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh has ended on 2nd September. Here this time 3 lakh devotees traveled and took a dip in the Dal Lake. Now a young man’s video about the journey is going viral. The youth is claiming that he has climbed Mount Kailash, located right in front of the lake, during Manimahesh Yatra. However, questions are being raised on his claim. Along with this, people from different parts of the state including Chamba are demanding action against the youth.

Actually, dedicated to Lord Shiva and one of the Panch Kailashas mentioned in the Puranas, there is also Manimahesh Parvat of Bharmour, a sub-division of Chamba. According to geologists, its height is about 5653 meters, while the surface height is 4 thousand 190 meters. Till date no one has been able to climb this peak. Even if anyone has tried, he has not been able to come back alive.

Now a video is becoming fiercely viral on social media, in which a young man claiming to be a resident of Jharkhand, Mithun Sharma, is claiming to have conquered the high peak of Manimahesh. In the video, he is saying sitting on a peak and calling it the seat of Lord Shiva as the last peak.]The video is becoming so viral that now the discussion has started on it. At the local level, people are completely rejecting this claim of this young man.

Why is it impossible to climb the peak?

Sanjeev Sharma, an assistant professor at Jawaharlal University in Delhi and these days, posted as a geologist at the Dr. Ambedkar International Center of the Government of India, has done a thorough investigation on the claim of that young man through satellite maps. He said that the youth’s claim is false. Because he neither has any equipment nor oxygen and other things to climb the peak. He says that it is impossible to climb on the strength of a water bottle.

where did the young man reach

There is also a flag on the place where the young man is sitting in the video. A young man wrote on social media that every year 1000 people perform Kelash Parikrama here. This place is called Damghodi, which passes through the feet of Kailash. It is the initial peak along with Kamalkund. This is not the main peak. Where this young man has reached, many people of the Gaddi community have reached there, whose introduction this flag is also giving.

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Manimahesh Yatra takes place in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh.

what do beliefs say

It is worth mentioning that Manimahesh mountain is also mentioned in poetry, Puranas and religious texts. It is the biggest center of faith for the local people here as well as for the people of other states. It is also seen and worshiped as a reflection of Lord Shiva, where no one is allowed to go to the local level government, non-official. According to the legends, a shepherd was called by Lord Shankar himself according to the condition, but if the condition is broken, it was also said to become a stone idol, and that shepherd lost the condition and today he has become a stone idol. . Not only this, even humans and birds cannot go here. Legend has it that even a crow and a snake have turned to stone, because they too tried to climb. In the year 1968, an attempt was made to climb the mountain from the Indian and Japanese side, but it was not possible and this team was unsuccessful in its attempt.

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