59 customers have not received money yet
Flat buyer’s total Rs 5.15 crore stuck
Supertech told the court there is no refund money

Gautam Buddha Nagar: The twin towers of Supertech will be demolished in Noida at around 2.30 pm today. Blast preparations have been completed. This skyscraper will collapse in just 9 seconds but what about the money of those who bought flats in this tower. According to the information, 711 people had bought flats in Twin Tower, out of which settlement was done with 652 people but there are 59 customers who have not received the money till now.

The matter was heard in the Supreme Court. In which the three-judge bench had asked the IPR to deposit one crore rupees in the registry of the apex court by September 30. So that the flat buyers can be paid. At the same time, the counsel for the petitioners had said that a total of Rs 5.15 crore of the flat buyer is stuck.

The last date for refund was 31 March 2022

On the other hand, Amicus Curie suggested that Supertech should pay the buyers in installments after selling other projects. Also, it is to be seen that which are the properties that can be sold and paid to the home buyers in Twin Towers. In this case, March 31, 2022 was the last date of refund. But on March 25, due to Supertech going into insolvency, the payment process could not be completed. in may
The court was told that Supertech does not have refund money.

At the same time, people living in the apartments around the Twin Towers are also afraid of their loss. These people say that the impact of the blast will be on our flat, although Supertech has insured the house, but who will compensate for the loss of the goods present in it.

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