New Delhi. Tihar Jail always remains in the headlines across the country. Sometimes getting mobile with the prisoners in the jail, sometimes getting big money and sometimes running their gang of the infamous sitting inside the jail. Tihar Jail, which has always been in discussion about these things, is now on the tongue of people about a new exploit. Now the big game of drugs has been exposed in Tihar Jail. Here the doctor of a contract kept for the examination of prisoners has carried out this game. After the reality of the doctor came to the fore, the top officials of the jail are also surprised.
According to the information, on August 3, information was received about the recovery of ganja from the prisoner and the doctor from Tihar Jail. The names of dentist Dr. Varun Goyal and prisoner Vikas Jha came up in this entire game. Police said that Dr. Varun came inside the jail with tobacco and ganja and was handing it over to the prisoner Vikas Jha. But during this time the police caught both of them.

38 grams of Ganja was given from Varun Goyal and 44 grams of Ganja from Vikas’s possession during this period. After this, investigation has been started by registering a case against both of them under the NDPS Act at Harinagar police station. Police said that visiting dentist Varun Goyal was working in Tihar Jail on contract basis.

Police had received information
According to sources, the police had received information that only an employee in the jail was supplying ganja to the prisoners. After which the police became alert and was looking for the person supplying ganja. In the meantime, the police suspected Dr. Varun’s antics and his investigation was started. According to the Tihar Jail administration, after being alerted by the jail staff, on August 3, a doctor kept on contract in Jail No. 1 was caught with ganja, during which he was accompanied by prisoner Vikas Jha. About 80 grams of ganja was recovered from both of them. After this a case has been registered against the accused and investigation is going on. Now the police is finding out who else was involved in this whole game with Varun. Along with this, the security system of the jail has also been chalked out.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : August 06, 2022, 00:05 IST


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