Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde arrives in Delhi
Addressed the program in Maharashtra Sadan
They are calling us traitors, but the public knows everything.

New Delhi. Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde said on Wednesday that when Shiv Sena formed the government with the support of Congress and NCP, then we were not in support of this decision. When the leader of our party took this decision, we accepted it as an order, but no one was happy with that decision. In Shiv Sena, I was listening to everyone and our leaders did not have time. Many people came in contact with me and I helped them. Shinde was addressing a program organized in Delhi.

Chief Minister Eknath Shinde said that work was done against our leaders, work was done against Shiv Sena, there was a lot of anger among the people. Eknath Shinde said that elections keep coming and going, when you misbehave with the party people, who will come to you? Now those people call us traitors, you had left Hindutva for the chair. The founder of Shiv Sena had abandoned the ideology of Balasaheb. So who is the traitor? Shinde said that we are carrying forward the ideology of Hindutva and Balasaheb.

Who is the traitor, who is honest, the public knows everything
Chief Minister Eknath Shinde said that the public knows who is a traitor and who is a Khuddar. People have rejected you. Everyone knows who did right and who did wrong. Shinde said that I am only a giver, not a taker. No one can say that I have taken money from anyone. I will talk one by one when the time comes. Who will have more account than me?

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