Due to heavy rains, the traffic police advised people not to step out.
The city of Bangalore recorded 131 mm of rain overnight.
The road from Spice Garden to Whitefield closed due to waterlogging.

(Report by Rohini Swamy)

Bangalore. Due to the torrential rains, the condition of the capital of Karnataka and Silicon City Bangalore has become miserable. Heavy rain lashed Bangalore on Monday night as well. Because of which the roads became oceans. Water entered many houses. For the first time, water has rained even in posh colonies. Due to this the poor system of Bengaluru Municipal Corporation has come to the fore. At the same time, due to water logging at places, there was heavy traffic jam. However, the administration is busy to deal with the situation. But the Meteorological Department has predicted heavy rains to continue in Karnataka till September 9.

News18 spoke to BBMP commissioner Girinath regarding heavy rains. The response of the BBMP commissioner to the question of water logging on the roads and closure of drinking water supply due to heavy rains was surprising. Girinath said, “It was unprecedented rain. We are truly sorry for those who have suffered loss. We are trying our best. Working towards a permanent solution to the waterlogged areas. We are sorry for the trouble you are causing. We will make sure that by the next rain, we will remove all these lapses. Will prepare infrastructure to prevent floods.

BBMP commissioner Girinath further said, “Our lakes are full. Our system is not capable of absorbing any more water. this is the problem. This will be removed by the next monsoon.”

Bengaluru Rain Updates: No respite from rain in Bengaluru, IMD predicts more rain

rescue operation
Girinath informed that the rescue operation with teams of State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) and National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) is working on top priority in the areas around Outer Ring Road, Mahadevapura, Bellandur and Varathur. BBMP teams and officials are providing emergency services for the stranded senior citizens as well as those with food and essential supplies in those areas. Where the water has increased to 4 feet, the rescue operation is being carried out at a rapid pace.

He further said, “This is the second highest monsoon witnessed in Bengaluru in the last 50 years. We have seen unprecedented rainfall in the last 24 to 48 hours. If we look at the figures, in two days, Bengaluru received 4 to 5 times more rain than what it usually receives in a week. More than 162 lakes have been filled in the city. They are not able to take the extra water, which has led to floods.”

Girinath accepted that it was the responsibility of the Municipal Corporation to clean the drains and fix the drainage system to prevent floods. He stressed that pre-monsoon preparations have been going on for several months now. But this time there was more trouble. It will be fixed soon.

However, users on social media are criticizing the statement of the Bengaluru Municipal Corporation chief. Many users say that while BBMP should work on normalizing the situation as soon as possible. At the same time, its chief is giving such absurd statements.

Record breaking rain in Bangalore this time
Let us tell you that this time it is raining record breaking in Silicon City Bangalore. The amount of rain that the city received in August is the highest in four years. According to the IMD, in August this year, Bengaluru has received 370 mm of rain. The last such rain was in August 1998. That year there was a record rainfall of 387.1 mm. The rain is increasing every year. According to the Meteorological Department, 1,500 mm of annual rainfall was recorded in Bengaluru in 2021. Whereas in 2020 it was 1,200 mm and in 2019 it was 900 mm. Till it rained.

Heavy rain wreaks havoc in Bangalore, drinking water crisis, one dead

lack of infrastructure
The Outer Ring Road (ORR) of Bengaluru was heavily waterlogged due to heavy rains. It connects the city with its tech parks. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of infrastructure. The development in this area has left the infrastructure far behind. But it was not accompanied by better development of infrastructure. According to activist Nagesh Aras, in 2005, 110 villages were merged into the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike-BBMP, but the municipal corporation decided to merge the villages with the city’s sewage system. Didn’t bother to add.

This is the reason that storm water drains become useless and the raw sewage mixed with rain water spreads on the Outer Ring Road. Apart from this, there are no culverts for water. The road thus acts like a dam for running water and due to lack of culverts, rain water and sewage water have no other way but to flow together, leading to waterlogging.

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