Punjab gangster getting help from Canada, Australia, UK.
Bambiha gang is also taking help of terrorists present in Pakistan.
After the Sidhu Moosewala murder, he had threatened the Bishnoi gang many times.

Chandigarh. Recently, intelligence agencies are seeing some things in common in the attack on the Intelligence Headquarters of Punjab Police and the murder of Punjabi singer Siddhu Moosewala. In the last few days, the name of Pakistan is coming to the fore amidst the gangster incidents and bloodshed in Punjab. From intelligence agencies to the local police and intelligence, there is no denying that drug weapons and local criminals are now being used by Pakistan to spoil the atmosphere. Instructions are being sent to the gangsters and local criminals of Punjab from the countries of Canada, Australia, UK and South Africa.

After the murder of Sidhu Musewala, two gangs of Punjab are constantly in the news. The first Bishnoi gang – which has taken the responsibility of killing Sidhu Musewala. Second- Bambiha gang, which was formed by Devinder Bambiha. Davinder was a resident of Bambiha village in Moga district of Punjab. Before coming to the world of crime, he was considered a good Kabaddi player. Davinder was in his BA first year when he was first charged with murder. After this, he made his identity in notorious crimes like murder, attempt to murder, dacoity. More than 15 cases were registered against Bambiha, in which 6 were of murder.

Bambiha was considered a sharp shooter. It’s February 20, 2016. Student leader turned sarpanch Rajwinder Singh alias Ravi Khwaja was murdered. Khwaja was present at a wedding ceremony. According to the news of Hindustan Times, Bambiha was accused of shooting 14 bullets at Ravi Khwaja. In September 2016, 7 months after this incident, the police had an encounter with Bambiha. Police killed Bambiha in Rampur Phool village of Bathinda.

The Bambiha gang has once again been stunned by the Sidhu Musewala murder case. Now this gang is determined to take revenge on the Lawrence Bishnoi gang who took responsibility for the Moosewala murder case. In the past, the Bambiha gang had also threatened the Bishnoi gang. Not only this, to give a direct competition to Lawrence, now the Bambiha gang has also started taking help of terrorists present across the border i.e. in Pakistan. The Punjab Police has made this claim on the basis of some evidence.

Bambiha gang is now trying to establish its coin in Delhi-NCR, Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh with the help of Neeraj Babania Kaushal, Amit Dagar, Tillu Tajpuria and his boys lodged in Tihar Jail.

These are the special members of Bambiha gang:-

Lakhveer Ballades: Born in Punjab and currently Pakistan is under the shelter of ISI. Punjab Police Intelligence officials told News18 India that Lakhveer Rode is stronger and more dangerous than terrorist Rinda. Whose name has recently come as a mastermind in many terrorist incidents in Punjab.

Arsh Dalla: Arsh Dalla, who lives in Canada, is known not only for terrorist incidents in Punjab, Delhi and Haryana, but also for strengthening the Bambiha gang. In India, Arsh Dalla’s henchmen Deepak, Sandeep and Sonu Dagak have been arrested from Delhi on charges of conspiracy to commit terror.

Lakhveer Rode from Pakistan and Arsh Dalla from Canada are being provided funds, arms and logistics to these gangsters. A wing of the Bambiha gang is getting directly involved in the terrorist incident. The second wing is engaged in creating an atmosphere of panic in the country itself.

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