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Kishanganj. A video of a cynical cleric is going viral on social media. In the video, the cleric is seen dancing with a knife in his hand. In many places, he has been caught on camera extorting and abusing. In Kishanganj district, a video of a madrasa cleric’s handiwork is going viral, in which he is sometimes seen dancing with a knife, sometimes forcibly taking someone away and doing dirty acts.

This cleric is also being told as a government teacher in a school in Chhatargach. Its name is Jamarul Bitto. Many cases have already been registered on this in the area. Recently, within a week, a police watchman of a local police station was also stabbed to death while he was on traffic duty, who is undergoing treatment. A case has also been registered against him on the application of the watchman, but till now his arrest has not been made.

The local people are upset and complaining due to its actions. There is a cosmetic shopkeeper whose shop was forcibly locked. He is upset too. They say that we are poor people, if the shop does not open then how will we survive. At the same time, in the case of attacking the police, it is said that when the police do not leave, then what will the common man be spared.

However, this cleric has been avoiding action by calling himself insane in some cases. But the local people say that if he is mad, then how is he getting his salary from the madrasa. At the same time, the local watchman Babulal (he was stabbed by the cleric) has given a statement in the case and told the incident how it carries out its dirty antics.

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