Four of the six shooters were hiding in the fields for an hour after the murder.
Delhi Police has disclosed this in its investigation.
Had immediate action been taken, the murder mystery could have been solved in a few hours.

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Chandigarh. The murder of singer Sidhu Musewala could have been solved only after a few hours of the incident. According to a Delhi Police investigation, four of the six shooters were hiding in the fields of Khyala village, 10 km from the crime scene, for an hour after the murder. Punjab Police has also disclosed this in its charge sheet. A report in The Tribune quoted an official as saying that the shooters had fled to the neighboring states of Haryana and Rajasthan after the murder. If immediate action had been taken, the murder mystery could have been solved in a few hours, the official said.

The Delhi Police later arrested three shooters Priyavrata Fauji, Ankit Sirsa and Kashish in separate operations. Interrogation revealed that the Punjab Police could not effectively seal the borders with Haryana and Rajasthan. Along with this, the blockade posts at the inter-district level could not be set up swiftly to stop the fugitive shooters.

Officials involved in the first process of investigation said on condition of anonymity that police teams were sent to Khyala village after some villagers informed the police. Because he had seen suspicious persons hiding on the outskirts of the village.

Police stayed at the hospital and Moosewala’s house
He said most of the police personnel were taken to Mansa Civil Hospital, where Moosewala’s fans were very agitated and could resort to violence. The presence of a large police force was also required to control the crowd at the singer’s house in Musa village, as well as to secure the crime scene. Officials said that either the shooters had fled by the time the police arrived or due to lack of sufficient force, the police could not search the fields properly.

Two of the shooters, Jagroop Roopa and Manpreet Mannu alias Mannu Kusa, fled in an Alto car towards Barnala after committing the crime. Both were killed in a police encounter in Tarn Taran about 50 days after the murder. Others Priyavrata Fauji, Ankit Sirsa, Kashish and Deepak Mundi fled towards Haryana. They had lost their way when they saw a PCR car chasing them, they turned towards Khyala village where their Bolero got stuck on the roadside.

The shooters hid in a field but the PCR vehicle had passed by without stopping. This had come to the fore during the first interrogation of the accused shooter by the Special Cell of Delhi Police and now the same shooters have corroborated it in their statements to the police, as mentioned in the chargesheet presented before the Mansa court. The chargesheet states that the shooters hid in the fields near a link road milestone of Rala village (Mansa), 10 km away. The Delhi Police investigation, along with the chargesheet, states that Fauji had made a phone call to Goldie Brar using the Signal app.

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