New Delhi: At present the Asia Cup cricket tournament is going on. So far in this competition, the most thorny matches were the matches played between India and Pakistan. Even before the start of the competition, cricket fans around the world were waiting for the match between India and Pakistan. So far, matches have been held between India and Pakistan twice in the tournament. India had won the first match but in the match held yesterday, Pakistan defeated India.

Since this match, cricketer Arshdeep is fiercely dominated on social media. The reason behind this is that he dropped a catch during the last overs of the match. After India’s defeat, cricket fans started targeting Arshdeep. Not only this, some people even linked his name to Khalistan on Wikipedia. With the defeat of India, Pakistan also tried its best to take advantage of it and once again showed its nefarious tendencies.

A complete plan was made by Pakistan to blame the Indians and it was executed through social media. Arshdeep comes from the Sikh community, so Pakistan also tried to take advantage of this and took advantage of the platform of social media to increase communal tension between Sikhs and Hindus in India. Arshdeep was targeted after the defeat and some changes were made to his Wikipedia profile as well.

An analysis of the attempt being made by Pakistan to defame Arshdeep reveals that when Arshdeep dropped the catch at 11.05 minutes, the first tweet came from @7cking__Mad who tweeted “Arshdeep my Khalistani bhai.”

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Soon after this there was a flood of tweets calling Arshdeep Khalistani. The first of these was tweeted by @Hasnain Younas25, who tweeted “It’s time to declare Arshdeep as Khalistani”.

Before this tweet, a Pakistani handle @naseemakram100 asked, “Arshdeep Khalistani trend or not?”

All Pakistani handles were promoting themselves, a prominent Indian handle – @thetanmay tweeted, “Arshdeep’s manager removed Twitter and Instagram from his phone”

Another Pakistani handle @EyeMKhokhar was the next to join with a well-followed tweet, which read, “Indian Media to Khalistani Hero Arshdeep Singh.”

Pakistani politicians also did something similar with the people. A Twitter handle @ShaheerSialvi, announcing his appointment as the President of Pakistan Nazariyati Party (PNP), tweeted, “Arshdeep Hamara Apna Khalistani Hai Jai Khalsa.

Another Twitter user who was from Pakistan also tried to make a negative statement against Arshdeep.

When so much was being talked about Arshdeep, then former Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh tweeted and reprimanded such people who were connecting Arshdeep with Khalistan. Harbhajan Singh said that no one deliberately drops the catch. We are proud of our boys. Pakistan played well. Shame on such people who humiliate our own people by saying cheap things on this platform, these people defeat Arsh and team.

Now the Government of India has become strict on this whole matter. Taking cognizance of the controversy, the Ministry of Information Technology has sent a notice to Wikipedia. The government said in its notice that this whole matter can become a threat to Arshdeep’s family and it can also spoil the atmosphere of the country. Arshdeep’s Wikipedia profile was also tampered with. On checking the IP address, it came to know that this nefarious act was done by someone from the Punjab province of Pakistan.

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