New Delhi: Along with taking over the command of the country, PM Narendra Modi had started the exercise and initiative to make India self-reliant. In this episode, PM Narendra Modi has taken various steps, including making the country self-reliant in defense products. Regarding self-reliance in the defense sector, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh says that the economic potential of the country is automatically visible in the field of ammunition.

Rajnath Singh says that India should increase defense production capacity by emphasizing research and development in this area. He says that we have come a long way from the time when the size of the bomb and its explosive capacity only mattered. But now its being smart has also become very important.

Ammunition shows the strength of the country
According to the Defense Minister, advanced ammunition is the reality of today and it is necessary for the country to pay attention to its development. Rajnath Singh believes that it is necessary to take lessons from history to make new paths for the future, which tells that one has established his dominance over the world only when various experiments were done in the field of ammunition. Rajnath Singh says that after the Pulwama attack, India once again looked at the accuracy of ammunition. Ammunition will continue to play an important role in future also.

India made these efforts for self-reliance in the defense sector
India has made various efforts for self-reliance in the defense sector, in which defense research is being promoted in the private sector along with building defense corridors. Defense licenses have been issued to 358 private Indian companies since 2014. Along with this, at present 16 public sector companies are also involved in the manufacturing of defense equipment. 584 licenses have been issued for manufacturing units.

Along with this, 107 licenses have been issued for manufacturing arms. BJP’s youth leader Manoj Yadava believes that PM Narendra Modi has done many things for the development in the defense sector. He says that PM Narendra Modi has also done a lot of work to increase the production of defense equipment in the country. Manoj Yadav believes that along with this, by implementing the system of One Rank One Pension, PM Narendra Modi has boosted the morale of the soldiers of the country.

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