Kochi. The Islamic organization Popular Front of India (PFI) went on strike across the state on Friday. Taking cognizance of this, the Kerala High Court said that such demonstration is contempt of the order of the court issued in 2019. Justice A. Of. Jaishankaran Nambiar said that despite his 2019 order (PFI), the PFI suddenly started a strike on Thursday. This is an ‘illegal’ strike. The court took suo motu cognizance against the PFI and its state general secretary for starting the strike. The court said that these people started the strike without following one of the directions given in our previous order. It is tantamount to contempt of court directions as per the order issued.

The court gave these instructions to the police
Taking suo motu cognizance of the matter, the court has ordered to take measures to protect the public and private property of those who did not participate in the strike. Take steps to prevent the striker from doing such work. Also, submit a report to the court, in which if any cases of damage to public / private property come to light, then information should be given. The court said that this report will be necessary to compensate the criminals for such loss. The court ordered the police to provide security to all those public services. Which can be targeted by strikers.

This order related to strike was given in 2019
The High Court said that without informing about the 2019 order of the court in the media, news related to ‘sudden call strike’ is being run. Whereas the court had ordered that seven days before the information of the strike was not given publicly, it was decided to declare it illegal. Therefore, we request the media, that whenever such an illegal strike is started suddenly, the court said. Then people should be properly informed that the strike is in violation of the order of the court. The court said that doing so would be enough to allay the apprehensions of the general public about the legality of going on strike. The court has fixed September 29 for further hearing of the matter.

The High Court had made it clear on January 7, 2019, that it would be considered unconstitutional to strike seven days before the strike without giving its public information. Those who do so will have to face the consequences. Significantly, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and other agencies raided the offices and premises of PFI on the charge of supporting terrorist activities in the country. In protest, the PFI had called for a strike on Friday.

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