Kishtwar police arrested Pakistani agent
The accused confessed to the crime during interrogation
J&K Police may catch some more people

Srinagar. The person who gave information about Indian security forces and police establishments to the heads of terrorist organizations sitting in Pakistan has been arrested. Jammu and Kashmir Police said that the name of the arrested person is Abdul Wahid, who is working as an agent of an intelligence agency based in Pakistan. Abdul Wahid used to give secret information about various police establishments and security forces to Pakistan-based masters through various social media platforms. The police had received information about the person.

The police officer said that a case has been registered under section 3 EAO Act in Kishtwar police station. An investigation was done about the person sending information to the masters sitting in Pakistan through social media, in which the allegations against him have been found to be true. During interrogation, accused Abdul Wahid has also admitted that he was in touch with Pakistani terrorist leaders and used to give them information about police establishments. The police officer said that just now Abdul has given information about Pakistani contacts. Inquiries are being made regarding who was similar to him in India. It is expected that the entire gang of Abdul will be exposed and some more arrests may be made.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 03, 2022, 17:18 IST


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