ICMR and NIRRCH have put pregnant women and young children at higher risk from monkeypox.
He has advised pregnant women to take proper care.

Pune. Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the National Institute for Research in Reproductive and Child Health (NIRRCH) in ‘The Lancet Regional Health-South East Asia Journal’ published a report on Monkeypox in Pregnant Women in India.MPX) Recommendations regarding the transition have been published. Pregnant or lactating women and young children are at higher risk of MPX infection and this serious illness can have adverse consequences for them and those associated with them.

However, earlier, ICMR- NIRRCH in collaboration with the Department of Medical Education and Drugs and BYL Nair Hospital of Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation had registered “PregCovid” for COVID in pregnant women during COVID-19. Now based on the experience of this registration, the authors have recommended strategies to address ‘monkeypox infection’ among pregnant women in India.

Dr. Rahul Gajabhiye, Research Fellow, Department of Biotechnology and ICMR-NIRRCH, Welcome India Alliance Clinical and Public Health, said, “We recommend the development of guidelines for the diagnosis and management of MPX in pregnant women and newborns in India. We need to engage global experts engaged in the management of ‘MPX’ in pregnant women and newborns to develop appropriate evidence-based guidelines and low-resource safety for India. These guidelines may be revised from time to time as required and based on global data. We ‘mpx’ Demand to increase the registration speed of pregnant women and their newborns exposed to the virus, so that they can get accurate information about MPX.

Dr. Neeraj Mahajan, Associate Professor and Obstetrician and Gynecologist at BYL Nair Hospital, and his co-authors said in an official statement released on Wednesday, “For our Indian region, we are studying the risk of ‘neonatal MPX infection’ closely. recommend. Along with this, it is necessary to study the risk of MPX on pregnant women and their relatives. since its vertical transmission And fatal death There is evidence of risk of infection, we recommend strict monitoring to provide appropriate care to a pregnant woman infected with MPX.”

ICMR-NIRRCH Dr. Geetanjali Sachdeva, Director and Co-author, said, “A new approach to the management of MPX in pregnant women and their newborns. multidisciplinary team (Multidisciplinary Team, There is a need to establish and strengthen public and private health systems for the outbreak of MPX in India.”

According to the CDC Monkeypox Outbreak Global Map, 45,535 cases of infection have been found from 98 locations around the world. Of these, 45,148 cases are from 91 places where monkeypox was never reported. India was the first country in Southeast Asia to have confirmed monkeypox on 14 July. Since then, a total of 10 cases have been reported with 1 death. Earlier cases of monkeypox were not reported in India.

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