Till September 1, the monsoon rains across the country were 6% above normal.
Monsoon usually returns from North West India by 17th September.
Above normal rainfall predicted in most parts of the country in September.

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New Delhi. Southwest Monsoon (Southwest Monsoon) is in full swing. It is not expected to start its withdrawal from north-west India until mid-September. India meteorological department According to (India Meteorological Department-IMD), Bay of Bengal A fresh low pressure system or a cyclonic circulation is very likely to develop. This can give a new strength to the monsoon after 9 September.

The forecast of the Meteorological Department shows that Monsoon will remain active over Northeast India and southern states till September 5. Then it will move to the central and northern peninsular states during the second week.

above normal rain in september
The Meteorological Department has predicted above normal rainfall in most parts of the country in September. Many parts of Northeast India, except some parts of East and Northwest India, may receive good rains. IMD Director General M Mohapatra said on Thursday, “The ongoing spell of rain will help make up some of the deficit in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand, but overall it appears that there may be rain deficient in this region. “

Bihar Floods: Flood threat increased in Bihar, weather department alert in 16 districts

According to the IMD, the monthly rainfall could exceed 109% of the Long Period Average (LPA) of 167.9 mm. As the rains continue over the states, the maximum temperature is likely to drop. However, the temperature may remain above normal in some parts of North-West and Central India.

According to the IMD, till September 1, the monsoon rains across the country have been 6% above normal. The southern peninsula received 28% more rain. Central India has received 17% excess and North-West India has received -2% rainfall. However, the eastern and north-eastern state received 17% rainfall, which is surprising.

According to the IMD chief, apart from some eastern states, the southwest monsoon has been good so far. It has a low pressure system for 45 days. August alone saw 19 low-pressure days compared to the normal 16.3. The IMD chief said, “In August, there were continuous low pressure systems in the Bay of Bengal, which led to good rains. Most of them migrated from northern Odisha to Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh to Rajasthan. So this region received more rain. States like Bihar are devoid of rain.”

No sign of return till 15th September
The Meteorological Department has not yet issued any announcement regarding the possible withdrawal of monsoon. IMD has said that it is not likely till mid-September. Monsoon usually peaks around 1st September and starts retreating from North-West Rajasthan. This date was revised last year in view of the seasonal changes.

As per the revised dates, Monsoon usually starts its withdrawal from Northwest India by 17th September. However, last year it started decreasing from western Rajasthan on October 6, 2020 on September 28 and in 2019 on October 9.

Weather: Heavy rain likely in Tamil Nadu, East Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and North East states

extreme weather events
So far, there have been 552 very heavy rain events with 115-204 mm of rain in the first three months of the monsoon season, which was higher than last year, but much less as compared to 2020 and 2019. The number of extremely heavy rain incidents was 52 recorded. Various parts of the country have been flooded so far this season, some of which were triggered by heavy discharge of water from dams and reservoirs.

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