Hand, foot and mouth disease also known as tomato fever
More than 250 new cases have been reported in Mumbai
In 7-8 days this disease gets cured on its own.

New Delhi. Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD), a disease in children, has increased the concern. Its maximum outbreak is being seen in Maharashtra, where according to the health department data, 250 cases have been reported till August 28. Of these, Mumbai is the most affected. 249 cases have been reported here. The outbreak of this disease has increased since the last two weeks. Experts say that the actual number of people suffering from this disease is more than 250. HFMD is also known as tomato fever.

Mostly the disease occurs in children

Dr Pradeep Vyas, Additional Chief Secretary, Health Department said that HFMD has not been notified yet, so the state is short of accumulated data. He said, “It is a mild disease which mostly occurs in children. It is a self-curable disease, which does not show any significant symptoms for a long time. So people should not worry about it. There has been a two-fold increase in HFMD cases in private hospitals this time as compared to last year.

Cases increased after school opening

According to the news of the Indian Express, Dr Tushar Maniyar, Head of Child Health Unit at Nanavati Hospital Mumbai, said, “Every day 8 to 10 patients of our HFMD come but most of them do not need to come to the hospital. It can be treated at home with common medicine. He said that schools have been closed for the last two years, so despite being a rapidly spreading disease, the possibility of spreading HFMD is low. Schools have opened this year, so there is an increase in cases. Apart from this, there has also been a change in its strain.

what is tomato fever

Tomato fever is also known as HFMD (Hand Foot Mouth Disease). This disease is also spread by virus. Coxsackievirus is responsible for this. Coxsackievirus A-16 is commonly responsible for hand, foot and mouth disease. It is called hand, foot and mouth disease because it affects the mouth, hands and feet.

how to avoid illness

Generally this disease is not very dangerous. The infection clears up on its own within 7 to 10 days. But by taking some precautions, you can save your child from this disease. For example, keep washing the hands of children many times. Take care of children’s hygiene and sanitize the house regularly. Apart from this, if a person is sick, then do not let children come in contact with him. Keep children away from citrus fruits, fruit drinks and sodas.

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