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Haldwani.The one who taught people to laugh during the Corona period, who supported people in every difficult time. Be it the light of day or the darkness of night, he always helped people. One such name is Ravi Roti Bank Haldwani. Today we are talking about this unique bank of Haldwani city, which does business not of money but of blessings. Today Ravi Roti Bank has made a different identity in Haldwani, which is also getting a lot of love from the people. After helping the needy with bread, clothes, medicines etc., now the people of this organization are saving lives by giving blood.

On the second death anniversary of Late Ravi Yadav, former Deputy Secretary of MBPG College, Ravi Roti Bank organized a blood donation camp in the college premises. More than 160 people donated blood in the blood donation camp. On this occasion, the people present there paid tribute by garlanding the picture of Ravi Yadav and remembered him. Ravi Roti Bank, which helped the helpless people during the Corona period, now the members of this team are also working to save the lives of people by giving blood.

It is worth noting that the team of Ravi Roti Bank did not allow poor, helpless, mentally weak people to remain hungry and troubled during the Corona period. The team of Roti Bank every day provided food to about 2000 such people who were daily wage laborers, handcarts and whose employment had come to a standstill due to Corona epidemic and lockdown. The team of Ravi Roti Bank still provides food to the people. Hundreds of eyes wait for Ravi Roti Bank’s food-carrying train at Haldwani bus station in the evening.

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