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Haldwani. Today we are talking about Haldwani’s famous Matar Gali. In fact, before independence, peas used to mix chole in the Matar Gali of Haldwani. Because of this, this street was named Matar Gali, but today clothing is traded here. People from all over Kumaon come to Matar Gali to buy cheap and good clothes.

Let us tell you that this street is also known as Sarojini Market in Haldwani. Matar Gali is famous for clothes and best and cheapest clothes are available here. In this famous street of Haldwani, there is also a 150-year-old Gayatri temple and the office of the Congress party i.e. Swaraj Bhawan.

At the same time, Haldwani businessman Daljit Singh Dalli says that people from all over Kumaon come to our Matar Gali shops to buy clothes. Matar Gali of Haldwani is known for its clothes. Whereas another businessman Pankaj Gupta also says that people from all over Kumaon and mountains come to Haldwani’s Matar Gali to buy cheap and good clothes, which includes people from Rudrapur, Haldwani, Bhawali, Nainital.

Matar Gali Haldwani

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