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Agra. Ganesh Mahotsav is being celebrated with great pomp across the country. During this, Ganpati Maharaj has been established at various places. People are establishing Lord Ganesha in different ways in their own way. Ganpati Bappa has been established in Agra by making 80 kg of chocolate. In fact, a 3-foot statue of Lord Ganesha has been made from 80 kg of chocolate at Bhagat Halwai, located in Nehru Nagar, Agra, which remains the center of attraction among the people.

Bhagat Halwai is known for its finest quality sweets in Agra. Yash Bhagat, the owner of Bhagat confectionery, says that whenever he sees idol immersion after Ganesh Chaturthi or during Navratras, he gets distracted. The plight of the idols after immersion. Much more than this, the idols made of POP (Plastic of Paris) which remain in the water for several months, also contaminate the water. Seeing all this, the idea of ​​making an idol out of chocolate came in Yash’s mind.

How was the chocolate sculpture made?
Yash Bhagat says that it took about 1 week to make this idol. 5 artisans were employed to make this idol, some of whom came from outside. He used a mold to make the idol. This idol has been prepared with layers of chocolates one after the other. This idol has been kept in a temperature of 16 degree Celsius, so that this chocolate does not melt.

The idol is painted in 24 carat gold color
Food color has been used to decorate this idol made entirely of chocolate. Along with this, to make it more attractive, golden color prepared from gold dust has been used, which is of 24 carat gold. The crown of Lord Ganapati is decorated with this color. This idol looks very attractive to see. Customers see this idol after coming to the shop and many people take selfies and photographs.

The shop is more than 200 years old
The 9th generation is handling the Bhagat confectionery. Yash Bhagat tells that his ancestor Lekhraj Bhagat had laid the foundation of Bhagat Halwai brand in 1795. The oldest shop used to be in Belanganj, which has now shifted to Nehru Nagar. Presently there is 9th generation which is taking forward the business of Bhagat confectioner. The name of Bhagat Halwai is known for its quality. Apart from sweets, you also get bakery products here. This is the reason why Bhagat Halwai has been awarded many awards for making pure sweets at the national level.

Bhagat Halwai Agra

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