‘It’s too early to predict any surge in monkeypox cases’
Adequate arrangements to deal with this disease in Delhi- Dr Suresh Kumar
‘No need to panic but we need to be more alert’

Rupashree Nanda

New Delhi: All preparations have been made in Delhi to deal with monkeypox disease. Fourth case of monkeypox has been found in the national capital. The 31-year-old Nigerian woman has been tested positive. Incidentally, all the cases of monkeypox infection reported in Delhi so far are from Nigerians living in Delhi. However, no travel history of these infected people has been found. Out of these four patients, one has been discharged while the other three are being treated at Delhi Government’s Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Hospital.

In an interview to News18, Dr Suresh Kumar, Medical Director, LNJP Hospital said that it is too early to predict any increase in the cases of monkeypox in Delhi, but Delhi is well prepared to deal with the disease. He said that the mortality rate of monkeypox virus among the adult population is low. Habits observed during the Covid-19 pandemic, such as hand hygiene and triple-letter masks, have remained.

How many patients infected with monkeypox in Delhi have been hospitalized so far?

So far we have got four patients. First an infected person was admitted in July and then three other suspects were found. However, he was discharged after the report of a patient came negative. Right now we have total three cases in LNJP hospital and one patient was discharged because he had recovered from monkeypox virus.

Monkeypox cases have increased in Delhi, do we need to be more vigilant?

There is no need to panic at the moment but we need to be more alert. We have to see if a patient has skin problems, skin lesions that look like a monkeypox virus infection. They should be isolated at an early stage and consult a doctor in time so that PCR test can be done.

All the infected African countries in Delhi are from Nigeria. So is there anything to worry about?

We have many patients referred from the African continent. We focus on their behaviour, contacts, family, workplace and their domestic contacts. These three patients are from African countries and they were living in Delhi for a long time so we are trying to find their contacts, their friend circle.

Is the capital Delhi fully prepared to deal with the monkeypox disease?

We are well prepared to fight against monkeypox disease in Delhi. We have all protocols, SOPs, Government of India guidelines and WHO guidelines which we are following.
We are also protecting our health workers, doctors and employees. So that the infection of this virus does not spread among them.

Can the cases of monkeypox infection increase in Delhi?

At the moment, I cannot say anything as we have to observe for some more time. So far only four cases have been reported. Therefore, it is too early to say whether there will be a further jump in the cases of infection.

How to avoid monkeypox infection?

Monkeypox disease is transmitted by droplet infection, so avoid close physical contact with the infected patient. Hand hygiene is very important. Wear a mask and if you have a suspected patient, do not share towels, sheets, bedding or other materials with them.

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