Siwan. A case of Hidden Camera In Bathroom has come to the fore in the girls’ hostel of the Pharmacy cum Para Medical College located in Maharajganj in Bihar’s Siwan district. It has been revealed to install Hidden Camera In Girls Hostel Bathroom in the geyser in the girls’ bathroom. Regarding this, the girls of the hostel created a ruckus and created a ruckus. GNM girl students allege that a hidden camera was installed in the bathroom. He said that the boys of the hostel, in association with some anti-social element, play obscene Bhojpuri songs and molest them. The college campus has become a haven for anti-social elements, due to which the academic environment in the college has completely deteriorated.

On condition of anonymity, some girl students accused the college administration of complicity and said that the students of Pharmacy College in Para Medical College campus on seeing the girl students of GNM College make remarks, whistles and gestures of obscene acts etc. We do. Apart from this, he sends girls writing dirty things on social media. Threatening to make videos and photos of girl students viral. Due to this, the students of GNM remain scared and scared.

By applying to the Civil Surgeon, the girl students pleaded for security

The girl students informed the Civil Surgeon (CS) of Siwan, Yaduvansh Sharma, about the camera being installed in the bathroom of the hostel. After receiving the complaint, the civil surgeon sent a two-member investigation team to the hostel. When the investigation team examined the women’s ward, two hidden cameras were found installed in the two bathrooms here. In this regard, Deputy Superintendent of Sub-Divisional Hospital Dr. SS Kumar said that on the instructions of CS, investigation was done by visiting Para Medical College. In the investigation, it has been revealed that two hidden cameras are installed in the bathroom of the women’s hostel.

The students of GNM have applied for the protection of the Civil Surgeon. In his application, he said that some boys of the pharmacy college have made a video by putting a camera in the geyser of the girls’ bathroom. Now they are blackmailing them by sending that video and asking them to do obscene chats.

In this regard, Civil Surgeon Yaduvansh Sharma told that an investigation team has been sent. An inquiry will be conducted on the basis of the application and strict legal action will be taken against the guilty.

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