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Nainital. There is a Dhaba in Naina village near Nainital, Uttarakhand, which is 35 years old. This dhaba has been providing health and great taste to the people who come here. Situated on the Haldwani-Nainital highway, just 12 kilometers from Nainital city, only Mutton Rice (Mutton Rice in Nainital) is available in this dhaba, which has been attracting people moving from here. Whether it is local people or tourists visiting Nainital from any other city or state, most people do not forget to enjoy meat and rice here.

For the last 35 years, this dhaba has been giving the delicious taste of non-veg to the people. This dhaba currently does not have any name, so people call it by the name of ‘Naina Gaon Mutton-rice’. Whereas the meat found at this place is of mountain goat. This goat is brought from the Garampani area of ​​Nainital itself. It is also called ‘Shikar-Bhat’ in the local language.

Aditya, who is fond of meat and rice, says that whenever he passes through this place, he definitely eats meat and rice. Here meat and rice are prepared very tasty and cleanly.

Dhaba started in 1986
Chandan Singh Gaida, the owner of the dhaba, says that he started making meat-baat in 1986. Initially only a little meat was made, then gradually as people started coming, its quantity was increased. He said that the meat and rice here is prepared in a hilly manner. Spices are used in this. Once tourists eat meat and rice here, they come here again and again and eat. He said that till date there has never been a need to name this shop. People come here only by the taste of the meat and the behavior of the maker.

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