Corona cases are increasing rapidly in Delhi
Experts warned, said that the Kovid protocol should be followed
The effect of weather is not on the virus, caution is necessary

New Delhi. In Delhi, people are negligent in taking measures to be safe from the corona virus and are not following the distance from each other, due to which the cases of Kovid are increasing. Experts from different hospitals expressed this opinion on Thursday. Experts also said that fluctuating cases indicate that the epidemic is in the ‘endemic’ phase. In ‘endemic’ any epidemic comes once but after that some cases are reported every year.

On Wednesday, more than two thousand cases of corona virus were found in Delhi, which was the highest in the last about six months. It is a matter of concern that five patients have lost their lives due to infection, which is the highest since June 25. On June 25, six people had lost their lives. However, doctors said that the patients are recovering fast and only such infected people need to be admitted to the hospitals who already have some other disease. Avi Kumar, senior doctor of pulmonology at Fortis Escorts, Okhla, said, “We are seeing that the cases of Kovid are increasing among the youth and people suffering from serious illness. No one is wearing a mask, people are going to crowded areas and not washing their hands again and again.

The virus is not affected by heat, humidity or change in weather.

He said that the number of such patients who need to be hospitalized is less and most of the people getting infected are complaining of fever for a day or two. Kumar said, “Only those who have heart, kidney and lung related diseases need to be admitted to the hospital.” Dr Jugal Kishor, head of the community medicine department at Safdarjung Hospital, said this is when the disease approaches the ‘endemic’ stage. He said that it is known to all that the virus is not affected by heat, humidity or change of weather.

Corona cases started increasing during the festive season

He said, ‘The cases have started increasing in the festive season when there has been an increase in foreign travel. The Kanwar Yatra has recently ended and more festivals are to come in the coming days. Doctors said that in many cases it has been seen that many patients come to the hospital for treatment of some other disease and they are found infected with Kovid. Dr Subhash Giri, Medical Superintendent of Guru Tegh Bahadur (GTB) Hospital said that the primary cause of death of those who lost their lives in the hospital was not Covid.

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