Daily exercise for the diaphragm and the muscles that support breathing reduces BP
Researchers from the University of Colorado did this study

high blood pressure Blood pressure has become a big problem related to lifestyle today. Most of the people have high blood pressure. Due to this there is a disease of hypertension which later gives rise to many diseases related to heart. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1.13 billion people worldwide are suffering from hypertension. One out of every four men and one in five women are forced to live with hypertension. Usually this disease occurs when the lifestyle starts to become sedentary. In such a situation, a little breathing exercise can keep away from the disease of blood pressure. npr.org According to a research, it has been claimed that if one exercise is done daily for the diaphragm of the lungs and the muscles that help in breathing, then it reduces blood pressure and the risk of heart-related diseases is also reduced.

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muscle movement lowers blood pressure
University of Colorado researcher Daniel Craighead told that the muscles we use for breathing become weak and eventually die. As we age, these muscles start to degenerate. They need exercise to keep them healthy. When these muscles move through exercise, the blood pressure starts decreasing. Actually, researchers did a small experiment for this. He included some people aged 18 to 82 in his study and asked them to exercise for just 5 minutes with the help of a device for a few days. The results were shocking.

more effective than medicine
Actually, this device looks like an inhaler. He named it the Resistance Breathing Training Device. Putting these devices in the mouth, they were asked to breathe heavily and were asked to hold their breath for a few seconds. The inhaler helps to keep the mouth closed while inhaling and exhaling so that resistance is maintained. It is in a way similar to Baba Ramdeb’s Anulom Vilom or Pranayama. Only in this a device is put in the mouth. In the study, researchers performed vigorous breathing exercises with the help of this device 30 times. Researcher Crackhead said that after 6 weeks of practicing 30 times daily, it was seen that the mercury in these people was reduced by 9 mm, due to which the blood pressure came down very low. Researchers said that this exercise is as effective as a medicine to reduce blood pressure.

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