Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot again said
Congress will be strengthened by Rahul Gandhi becoming president
It will also be easier to deal with the challenges before the country

Kanyakumari. Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Wednesday advocated for Rahul Gandhi to become the Congress President again, saying that if Rahul takes charge, it will strengthen the party and the challenges before the country. It will also be easier to deal with. “Even today (in Congress) people have a feeling that Rahul ji should become the Congress President. If we could not succeed in 2019, he had resigned on moral grounds.

Ashok Gehlot says, ‘We want that if he becomes the president, then together we will not let any shortage come, under his leadership the Congress will move forward. Congress will be strong under his leadership, will move ahead. The challenges before the country are big, if Rahul ji becomes the president then it will be easy to deal with these challenges. They (BJP) always tried to damage the image of the Gandhi family. Rahul Gandhi has also been targeted. The people of BJP have been doing this since the days of Jana Sangh.

Gehlot said, ‘Rahul ji is a very lovely person. There is no hatred and anger in them. That is why he embraced the Prime Minister in a sentimental manner in Parliament. If the Prime Minister had nobility, he would have stood up and met.

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