Patna. Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao had reached Patna, the capital of Bihar, on a one-day visit on Wednesday. Here he had a long conversation with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav in a closed room. After the meeting, the three leaders came out of the room for a press conference and the question-and-answer of the journalists started, everything was fine in the beginning, but as soon as KCR said that his and Nitish Kumar’s goal was ‘BJP-free’. ‘Bharat’ is to be made, the journalists asked him the question whether Nitish Kumar could be the prime ministerial candidate for this. The political meaning of what happened after this is being sought.

The question was asked to CM KCR whether Nitish Kumar will lead the opposition in 2024? As soon as Nitish Kumar heard his name regarding the candidature of PM, he left his chair in the middle of the press conference and stood up. This led to a strange situation for a long time. KCR kept speaking and Nitish Kumar stood right next to him. During this, KCR sometimes grabbed Nitish Kumar’s hand, sometimes pulling his kurta and trying to make him sit, but Nitish Kumar was not ready to sit. In the midst of all this, he could not stop laughing.

KCR kept trying to make Nitish Kumar sit again and again

KCR would repeatedly say if he did not sit, Nitish ji, sit down. On this Nitish Kumar would say, no-no come on now, journalists are asking stupid questions. Then the question was again asked to KCR whether a third front would be formed and who would be its prime ministerial candidate, on which he said that we will sit and decide the prime ministerial candidate. You guys don’t worry. Then there was a question about Congress whether Congress would also remain in this front or what would be the role of Congress. What will be the role of Rahul Gandhi? On this Nitish Kumar said that we have ‘Main Front’, what is the Third Front. On this, KCR also said, Nitish ji said that we have ‘Main Front’.

In the press conference, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar stood for most of the time between questions and answers and kept trying to make him sit KCR. Eventually Nitish Kumar agreed and sat on his chair, meanwhile Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav said something in his ear and both started laughing. Then once again he was asked questions about the Congress and the prime ministerial candidate in 2024, then Nitish Kumar got up and said that now the press conference should be ended, after which the press conference was terminated after some time.

The question has also started arising from the joint press conference of the Chief Ministers of both the states whether it is a signal to the Congress that you are the Third Front, and let the regional parties be on the driving seat. The answer to this question can affect the politics to come, to fight by forming a front against the BJP.

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