Patna. Even though there is no election in Bihar at present, political activities are at their peak. After JDU, RJD and BJP, now Chirag Paswan’s party has also become alert in view of the current political situation. After the split in the party, Chirag Paswan is trying to make a new ground in the politics of Bihar. For this, an exercise will be started to train party leaders and workers. Under this strategy, LJP (Ram Vilas) is going to organize training camps. All the leaders of Bihar will participate in this. A training camp will be organized by LJP (Ram Vilas) in Rajgir.

According to the information, a training camp will be organized by Chirag Paswan’s party in Rajgir from 22 to 24 September. All the party leaders will be involved in this. Chirag Paswan, MP from Jamui and party chief, will attend this camp as the chief guest. Actually, after the political upheaval in Bihar, all the parties are seen active. In Bihar, a Grand Alliance government has been formed, but the Chief Minister is Nitish Kumar, in such a situation, Chirag Paswan, who has always attacked Nitish Kumar, has started strengthening the LJP Ramvilas Party. For this, an important meeting was held with the workers and a training camp of LJP Ramvilas would be organized in Rajgir from September 22 to 24.

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An important meeting was held on Sunday in the party’s state office Shri Krishnapuri (Patna) under the chairmanship of the party’s state president Raju Tiwari regarding the preparation and strategy for the training camp organized in Rajgir. All senior party workers attended the meeting. Party’s state president Raju Tiwari said that the training camp to be organized from September 22 to 24 is very important for the party and its workers. Raju Tiwari said that party president Chirag Paswan will be the chief guest of this training camp. All the block presidents and district presidents of the party will be present in the three-day training camp organized in Rajgir.

The state president of LJP (Ram Vilas) said that the training camp is very important for the party, as every single point will be discussed in it. Current politics will be discussed in this camp. At the same time, there will be a discussion on the discipline of the party and the organization about which our leaders are constantly moving, will also be discussed. He told that what turn will the politics of Bihar take in future, that will also be discussed. At the same time, further work will be done after discussing how to further strengthen the party, how to remove the shortcomings.

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