Dehradun. In the case of backdoor recruitments in the Vidhan Sabha, the inquiry committee headed by retired IAS DK Kotia has started work. What is the recommendation of the inquiry committee, it will be known only after the report comes. But even summarily, experts are of the opinion that there has been a complete violation of the rules in the appointments of the assembly. SS Valdiya, who recently retired from the post of Additional Secretary in the Personnel Department, says that the Speaker of the Assembly has the privilege. But this right is available only in the case of conduct of the proceedings of the House. The Speaker of the Assembly does not have any kind of privilege in public employment. They have to follow the rules.

In fact, the politics of Uttarakhand is hot these days due to appointment of relatives of ministers, relatives of BJP and RSS leaders for 72 posts in the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly. After heavy pressure from the opposition, public outrage, Assembly Speaker Ritu Khanduri set up an inquiry on all the appointments made in the assembly since the formation of the state on Saturday itself. The controversial appointment of the Assembly Secretary will also come under its purview. The Speaker also sealed the office of the Assembly Secretary till the investigation was done and he was sent on force leave.

The then speaker gave this argument
Last year, in the matter of backdoor appointment to 72 posts and promotion to the secretary against rules, the then Speaker of the Assembly and cabinet minister in the current government, Premchand Agarwal said that it was his prerogative. But experts do not agree with this argument. SS Waldia, who was Additional Secretary in the Personnel Department in the Uttarakhand Secretariat, refers to the service manual of the Assembly Secretariat. They say that only one of the additional secretaries appointed to the post of secretary can be made secretary by promotion on the basis of seniority. Or else this post can be filled by deputation of District Judge category officer of judicial service. But, none of these rules were followed in the appointment of Secretary Mukesh Singhal in the Vidhan Sabha.

Jhol even after Singhal’s appointment
Mukesh Singhal was promoted on promotion, barring the fact that his original appointment was not of administrative cadre. He is an officer of the second service. He was appointed to the post of Research and Reference Officer. Therefore, according to the rules, Mukesh Singhal cannot become the assembly secretary. Not only this, he was given promotion on certification from Deputy Secretary to Joint Secretary, Additional Secretary and Secretary post without following the process.

What do experts say
Experts say that while Article 16 of the Constitution talks about the right to equality, Article 14 talks about the right to equality in public employment. No one can pick and choose privileges. Otherwise it will be considered contrary to the basic spirit of the Constitution. Similarly, there has been a lot of violation of rules in all other appointments. That is why after the investigation, the proceedings are considered fixed. Secretary Mukesh Singhal is almost certain to fall. Backdoor appointments can also be canceled. However, the then Speaker of the Assembly and presently Cabinet Minister Premchand Agarwal is welcoming this inquiry. But they still stick to their privileged position.

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