Gurugram. A stunning dazzling profile on social media. 25 year old young man and that too a pilot. What was it then, he sent a request for friendship with the girls and established his network. The fake pilot, active on Facebook and Instagram, had 150 girls friends on his profile. Of these, 30 girls were made their victims by this thug and cheated millions. The intoxication of expensive gifts, luxurious houses and luxurious lifestyle got on the head of the young man in such a way that he kept on cheating the girls one after the other.

Airlines only have employees
The fake pilot, who was caught by the police, has been identified as Hemant, a native of Sikkim. Hemant had worked as a groundsman in Indigo Airlines itself. The expenses of Hemant living in Gurugram were not being met. He also worked on borrowing some time from friends but it was not completed. After this he made a new plan to cheat people and made his profile on Instagram as a pilot. And then started sending friend requests targeting the crew members and air hostesses of other airlines. During this, he trapped some girls in his trap and started cheating them with money. He also started getting expensive gifts and everyday expenses from them. After asking more questions to the girl, he used to block her on mobile and social media or change her number and after that she did not keep any contact with her.

a girl complained
After this, when one such girl suspected Hemant, she lodged a complaint with the police. He told how after befriending him on Instagram, he cheated more than 1 lakh rupees from him. After committing this fraud, the girl was also blocked by Hemant from social media account and mobile. But the police found the accused. During interrogation, Hemant told that he had made about 30 girls his victim. He told that after doing this he was also afraid of being caught, but he could not give up the greed of easy money and due to this greed, he continued to cheat. Police have recovered two mobiles and a debit card from him.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : August 05, 2022, 00:01 IST


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