Valsad: The Valsad Police has claimed to have solved the singer Vaishali Balsara murder case. In this murder, Vaishali’s friend Babita is the main conspirator who had given a betel nut to the professional gang for the murder. Babita has been arrested by Valsad police.

Vaishali had given 25 lakh rupees to Babita, which Vaishali was asking for back, Babita was not ready to give that money. When the pressure on Vaishali to return the money increased, Babita gave a contract to her Facebook friend to kill Vaishali. 8 lakh rupees were given for Vaishali’s murder.

Let us tell you that the famous folk singer Vaishali Balsara was strangled to death. On Saturday, her husband had filed a missing report. The body was recovered in suspicious condition from a car on the banks of the river in Pardi, Valsad on Sunday.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 03, 2022, 11:17 IST


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