Joykishan Singh, Nagursangalur Sanate and LM Khote, including 5 MLAs join BJP
Assembly speaker accepted the decision of merger under the 10th schedule of the constitution
MLAs took a big decision during the JDU National Executive meeting in Bihar

Imphal: After breaking the alliance with BJP in Bihar, CM Nitish Kumar has got a big setback. In Manipur, 5 JDU MLAs have joined the Bharatiya Janata Party. Manipur Assembly Secretariat gave this information. According to the statement issued by the Secretariat, the Speaker of the Assembly has accepted the decision to merge the five MLAs of Janata Dal United with the BJP under the 10th Schedule of the Constitution.

The names of these five MLAs who left JDU and joined BJP are Joykishan Singh, Nagursangalur Sanate, Achab Uddin, Thangjam Arunkumar and LM Khaute. There is a BJP government in Manipur. In the 60-member assembly, the Bharatiya Janata Party has a majority with 32 seats. Assembly elections were held in the state in March this year itself.

MLAs left in the middle of the meeting of the National Council

However, in Manipur, JDU has got this big deal at a time when the National Council meeting of the party is going on. In this meeting, which will run from September 2 to 4, in which Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and party’s national president Lallan Singh will attend. Since the separation of JDU from the NDA, the discussion is in full swing that who will be the prime ministerial candidate from the opposition in the next Lok Sabha elections? The name of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is also running in this.

There will be an important meeting of the National Executive at 2:30 today. During this, in the meeting of national office bearers, it is believed that how to take JDU forward in the coming time, what will be the role of JDU and Nitish Kumar in the politics of the country, how will JDU become a national party – all these issues will be discussed.

At the same time, from 11 o’clock on September 4, the most important body of JDU, the National Council will have its meeting. This meeting is being considered very important. In this, all those issues will be stamped or approved, which will be decided after discussion in the last two days. Nitish Kumar will also attend this meeting.

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