Assam DGP gave instructions to madrasas
Follow the rules, all madrasas will be surveyed
Investigation started after getting terrorist connection

Guwahati . Assam’s Director General of Police (DGP) Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta on Sunday said that amid the recent cases of teachers of some madrasas in the state having “linked links with terrorist organisations”, all such institutions in the state should be allowed to return to their parent bodies and institutions. The local authorities have been asked to strictly follow the rules laid down. Mahant said that the four main organizations running most of the madrasas in the state have been asked to conduct a survey of such religious educational institutions within six months. Official sources said that at present more than 3,000 registered and unregistered madrasas are being operated in the northeastern state.

These institutions have come under scrutiny since the arrest of teachers over the past few months on suspicion of links to terrorist organisations. In Assam, three madrasas have been demolished in the last one month. The DGP told a press conference after a meeting with the leaders of the Islamic community, that radical elements of organizations like ‘Al-Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent’ (AQIS) and Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT) want to implement their thinking here and it is the present land. There is a matter of concern in the political scenario. “Extremist forces are trying to influence Muslims in the state, but the community as a whole has cooperated, with a very small section of the population falling under the guise of these fundamentalist principles,” he said.

Discussion with organizations running madrasas

Apart from some MLAs of the community, representatives of ‘All Assam Tanzeem Madrasa’, ‘Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat’, ‘All Assam Islamic Research Center’ and ‘Nadvatut Tamir’ were present in this meeting. Mahant said, ÔÇťOrganizations running madrasas already have their own guidelines. We have proposed some additional rules. He has supported our suggestions. He said, ‘But mere bringing guidelines is not enough, they have to be implemented. We have asked the organizations to ensure their implementation. Mahant said a committee consisting of representatives of the four groups has been formed to survey these institutions and propose ways to ensure that all the guidelines are followed.

All madrasas will have to provide their address, teachers name and address.

“We urged them to give religious education in madrasas as well as teach general subjects for the betterment of the students,” the DGP said. The official said that the government will soon launch a portal, in which all madrassas will have to provide their address, name and address of teachers and salary to be given. He said 36 people allegedly linked to terrorist organizations have been arrested in the state in the last few months. The leaders of the Islamic community, later speaking to reporters, welcomed the initiative of the Assam Police and said that a “new atmosphere” has been created. He said that this meeting is the “first step towards uprooting the anti-national elements”.

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