Dispur, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has given a controversial statement regarding madrassas. Sarma said that madrasas are being used as training hubs of terrorists. He said, ‘In these madrasas instead of training, terror training is being given. So far two such madrasas have been demolished in Assam.

Recently a private madrasa was demolished in Barpeta district of Assam. According to the police, the madrasa was built on government land. Terrorists were being trained here. Two accused were also arrested in this case. CM Sarma said, ‘Investigation has come to know that Al Qaeda training camp was going on in the madrasa. There was no education here.

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Police seized car
Police claim that the persons arrested in the case were key elements of the Barpeta module of Al Qaeda. These people used to provide transport and other equipment to Bangladeshi terror operatives. The police have also seized a car. Police sources said the demolished madrassa was also used by Bangladeshi Mohammed Sumon, who was arrested recently. He was actually the mastermind of the sleeper cells of Al Qaeda and a member of the Ansarullah Bangla team which is banned in Bangladesh. According to the police, Sumon used to come and stay in this private madrasa as a teacher.

Earlier on May 23, in a program in Delhi, Himanta Biswa Sarma had said that as long as there are madrassas in the country, children will not be able to think of becoming engineers and doctors. Sarma had said during this time that if you want to give education related to religion to children, then give it at home, for that it is not necessary to have a madrasa.

Government grant of madrasas stopped in 2020
Let us tell you that the Assam government had stopped giving grants to madrasas in 2020. Himanta was the education minister of the state at that time. After this decision, about 800 madrasas were closed in the state. However, more than 1000 private madrasas are still running. They are operated by All Assam Tanjim Madaris Koumia.

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CM appealed to the people
The CM had appealed to the people of the state that if any outside Imam comes to the state, then inform the police. Do not send your children to such an Imam to study, it can turn the happiness of your home into a disaster. I also request the operators of madrasas not to allow any outsider to teach the children in the madrassa.

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