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Almora. The condition of roads in Almora, Uttarakhand is getting worse day by day. Whereas the road from the gas warehouse to the link road has been breaking from place to place for the last several years. Apart from Link Road and Laxmeshwar Bypass, this road connects to Shikhar Tirahe, but despite that the condition of this road is so bad that people avoid going from here.

The biggest problem on this road is for two wheelers. There are potholes in the road, now the bars have come out. If seen, vans and gas vehicles of school children also go through this road. If the condition of the road remains like this, then it can also become a risk of a major accident. Not only this, the local people have written several times to the Public Works Department regarding the construction of the road, but despite this, the work is not being done. Local people say that even after the MP’s request, this road has not been built yet.

Local resident Atul Chandra Pandey told that this road connects many roads, but the condition of this road is getting worse day by day. Two-wheelers and four-wheelers passing through here remain in danger, due to which there is a fear of a major accident.

Municipal councilor Monu Sah said that the condition of the road is the same despite the MP’s advice. This road is inviting major accidents. Apart from the vans of school children, gas vehicles pass through here, but the road has not been repaired yet.

Executive Engineer Inderjit Bose said that cognizance of the gas godown link road has been taken. An estimate of about 85 lakh rupees has been sent to the government. As soon as the approval is received, the road construction work will be started.

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