Agra: In order to keep the spirit of patriotism alive among the people, the 15th Corps of PAC in Agra gives excellent performance on patriotic songs in front of the people on every Sunday and Saturday. People also like the tune played by these soldiers of 15th Corps and people gather in large numbers to see it. Also capture this movement in their phones and take selfies.

This moment becomes very special when after the presentation of these soldiers, the people present there applaud them with applause. This band consists of about 15 jawans who present their captivating performances in front of the people on different patriotic songs.

The performance of these soldiers is also attracting the tourists coming here. The couple, who came to Agra from Gurgaon, were mesmerized when they heard the tune of these jawans at I Love Agra Selfie Point. Is. Tourists also get delighted by listening to the music of these jawans.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 02, 2022, 14:59 IST


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