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Agra. As soon as Ganesh Chaturthi arrives, Ganesh festival is celebrated in homes for 10 days. After 2 years, great enthusiasm is being seen among the people regarding the Ganesh festival. These days a giant modak of 3 feet high and 30 kg remains the center of attraction in Nehru Nagar of Agra. This modak prepared for offering to Ganpati Bappa is made from cashew nuts. There is an influx of people to see this modak.

The owner of Bhagat Halwai told that his only purpose behind making this modak is that this time after 2 years, Ganpati Bappa has been incarnated. He has made Ganpati made of chocolates of about 3 feet in his shop, so considering his size, he has made a modak of 3 feet high and 30 kg. It took about 4 to 5 days to prepare it. Apart from this, dry fruits have been used in this. Food color has been used to decorate it. This modak is kept at 16 degree temperature.

Modak will be distributed on the day of immersion
During the immersion of Lord Ganesha on the last day of Ganesh festival, this modak will be distributed among the people as prasad. Apart from this, 17 types of traditional and fusion modaks have also been made for the first time for the people. These modaks are very colourful, out of which boondi, pistachio, coconut, almond, cashew, dry fruits, gram flour, chocolate and caramel modak are being liked by the people.

Bhagat Halwai

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