Type 1.5 diabetes is difficult to diagnose.
Lifestyle changes provide relief in this disease.

Type 1.5 Diabetes: When it comes to diabetes, type 1 or type 2 is often mentioned the most. There is another type of diabetes, which is called type 1.5 diabetes. In recent years, along with type 2, the number of type 1.5 diabetes patients has also increased significantly. 1.5 Type diabetes is more dangerous than other diabetes. Like type 1 and type 2, type 1.5 diabetes is not easily diagnosed. Many times the patient’s condition becomes serious due to delay in the diagnosis of type 1.5 diabetes. Type 1.5 diabetes can occur mostly in young people, for which timely treatment is very important. Let us know in detail about type 1.5 diabetes.

What is 1.5 type diabetes
According to the healthline
Type 1.5 diabetes is Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adulthood (LADA). There is currently no way to avoid type 1.5 diabetes. Like type 1 diabetes, genetic factors play an important role in type 1.5 diabetes. Early and correct diagnosis and simple management is the only treatment for type 1.5 diabetes.

Dangerous than normal diabetes
Type 1.5 diabetes is much more dangerous than normal diabetes. Having type 1.5 diabetes has a direct effect on the eyes and heart. The biggest danger of this disease is that it cannot be easily detected. Due to the lack of timely diagnosis of type 1.5 diabetes, its treatment cannot be started in time. Type 1.5 diabetes is also known as LADA. In most cases, type 1.5 diabetes occurs in young people. In many cases, type 1.5 diabetes also leads to loss of vision.

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type 1.5 diabetes cause
The main reason for getting type 1.5 diabetes is poor lifestyle and wrong eating habits. In type 1.5 diabetes, the beta cells of the body stop working. According to an estimate, about 10 percent of the total patients of diabetes are victims of type 1.5 diabetes.

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type 1.5 diabetes symptoms
– frequent urination at night
– rapid weight loss
– loss of eyesight
– excessive thirst

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