Malasana creates a stretch in the hips and pelvic area, which is beneficial.
With its regular practice, the abdominal muscles are toned and health is good.

Yoga Session With Savita Yadav: Yoga practice helps a lot in keeping our body active and making them strong. If you start the day with yoga, then you will be able to keep yourself fit both mentally and physically. One such yoga practice is Malasana, which can help in solving many problems of our body. Today in the Facebook Live session of News18 Hindi Yoga Instructor Savita Yadav (Savita Yadav) practiced Malasana along with other yoga exercises and also gave many information related to it.

These are the benefits of practicing Malasana
The problem of constipation is removed by regular practice of Malasana. If you are troubled by the problem of digestion, then this yoga practice is very beneficial. It creates a stretch in the lower back ie the hips and pelvic area, which makes these organs strong. With its regular practice, the abdominal muscles are toned and there is flexibility in your ankles and knees.

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Practice Malasana like this
First of all, stand straight on your mat. Keep a little gap between both the legs. Take a deep breath and while exhaling, sit down with your knees bent. Now slowly spread your thighs and rest your hands on your knees. Make sure that your waist is straight. Now sit in this posture for some time. Click on this link to see in detail.

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then do crow chalasana
To do Kawa Chalasana, first of all, bend your knees and sit in the posture of Malasana. Make sure that your heels are touching your hips. Now bend your knees and sit on your toes and place your hands on the knees. After that, keep one knee on the ground inwards and lift the other leg and take it forward and rest it on the ground. Now while stepping forward, keep your other knee on the ground and keep the first leg forward. You do this 20 to 25 times.

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