Regular yoga practice keeps the body fit.
To increase physical capacity, yoga should be practiced.

Yoga Session With Savita Yadav : Yoga has a special place in India since ancient times. It not only keeps you physically healthy, but also gives you mental peace. By including yoga practice regularly in your daily routine, you can get a healthy physique. Today in News18’s Facebook Live Yoga Instructor Savita Yadav made us aware of the importance of subtle practice. Let us know what is the importance of any yoga posture through video.

start with care
First of all, sit down with a posture, now keeping your back and neck straight, close both the eyes and focus on your breathing. Chant the word ‘Om’ or any mantra and focus on your breath by cutting your mind off from the outside world.

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First of all, stand straight on the mat. Keeping your shoulders, neck and back straight, raise your legs by joining both your hands together. Take both the hands upwards and pull your body upwards according to your ability.

cervical power developer
To do Griva Shakti Vikas Yogasana, first of all, sit in Vajrasana on a yoga mat. Calm the mind by sitting in this posture for some time. Now focus on the body. During this your back and spine should be straight. Then while inhaling, move your neck backwards. In this posture, you look towards the sky. Now while exhaling, bring the neck down and do the chin lock.

Keep in mind that people who have neck pain or who have cervical pain, do not lock the chin. They leave their necks loose. Let us tell you that you can do this easy standing or sitting in Sukhasan.

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butterfly seat
To do butterfly posture, sit down with the soles of both your feet together and hold the soles with both hands. Keep the waist and neck straight. Now gradually while doing this asana, you can increase its speed according to your convenience. While inhaling, slowly raise both the knees and stretch. Now stretch the knees towards the ground. You can click on the video link to watch the entire exercise.

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