Continuous use of high heels can worsen the posture of the body.
High heels put pressure on the spine and can cause pain.

High Heels And Spinal Pain: Women love to wear high heels. Wearing high heels is considered a fashion statement these days. Even though high heels work to enhance the personality of a woman, but it can also lead to many health problems. Yes, regular use of High Heels can cause back pain, back pain, joint pain and damage to the spine. Wearing high heel sandals and shoes for a long time puts stress on the heels and also twists the toes. Such a position of the legs affects the nerves, due to which pain starts in the spine. Excessive use of high heels can cause injury and strain on the nerves. Let us know how wearing high heels can increase spinal pain.

Is the posture bad?
According to Verywell Health
High heels keep the feet in the plantarflexed position, which increases the pressure on the front legs. To maintain the balance of the body, all the weight of the body comes on the heel of the foot, due to which the posture of the body starts becoming unbalanced. High heel sandals are very hard, due to which there is an effect on the spine and can cause pain.

need to balance
Walking in high heels can be like walking on a balance beam. High heels can give problems while walking on uneven surfaces and heights. To create this balance, women put more pressure on the feet. Sometimes one has to resort to the toes to walk fast, which can damage nerves and bones.

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effect on the back
Wearing high heels has the biggest effect on the back. Due to high heels, the pressure on the lower back increases and it starts coming in a flat position. When back pain starts due to high heels, then the body starts bending forward. This condition promotes spinal pain.

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There may be pain in the hip
By constantly wearing high heels, the hip remains in a flexible position. Due to the pressure of the hip flexors, the spine gradually starts to become flat. Due to which there can be pain in both the lower back and hip.

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